I provide natural hoof care, barefoot rehabilitation, nutrition and horse keeping consultation, and hoof boot fitting for horses, ponies, mules and donkeys. To maintain optimal balance and function, I trim on a 5 week cycle. When iron shoes are removed, I fit the hooves with hoof boots. In cases of discomfort, I provide temporary, glue-on boots or poly-fibre casting with impression material or pads to aid transition.

Natural or Rehabilitative Hoof Care

Services I provide include:
Trimming of horses, ponies, cold bloods, mules, donkeys...
Rehabilitative care of founder, navicular, cracks, contracted heels...
Lameness evaluation
Thrush and canker treatment
Iron shoe removal
Cast application with pads or sole packing
Glue-on shoe application with pads or sole packing
Plastic and combination fittings (nailed and glued)
Equi-pak sole treatment
Hoof boot fitting
Nutritional counseling/Mineral balancing
Thermal hoof imaging
Fecal egg testing

Hoof Boot and Shoe Models

EasyBoot Back Country
EasyBoot Glove
EasyBoot Trail
EasyBoot Cloud
EasyBoot Stratus
EasyBoot Glue-on
EasyBoot Love Child
EasyBoot Fury

EasyCare Comfort Pads (all models)

EasyShoe Performance
EasyShoe Performance NG (glue or copper nails)
EasyShoe Competition
EasyShoe Flex (with copper nails)

Notice: Shoe sales are final. No returns or refunds (exception: verified factory defects returned within 30 days).

Preparing for a Trim

Things you may do to prepare for an appointment:

  • Gather pertinent materials (ie. trimming/shoeing history, radiographs, MRI, etc.).

  • Remove from the pasture and provide food and water well in advance of the appointment.

  • Provide light exercise for 15-20 minutes then allow 20-30 minutes to cool down and rest.

  • Bring your horse to a place where he is most comfortable (ie. paddock, stall, pasture under a tree, etc.). I'd rather work where the horse is comfortable even if it is not the most convenient place for humans.

  • Remove winter blankets.

  • Use fly covers rather than fly spray (most sprays are toxic).

  • Clean the hooves with a hoof pick. Do not wash.

  • If you prefer to hold - rather than tie - your horse, it helps if you stand on the same side as me. Give him enough line so he doesn't feel trapped but not so much that he wanders.

  • Handle your horse's feet often; especially young horses! I recommend using an approach-retreat method for teaching horses to offer their feet and stand patiently while being handled.

  • Do not trailer your horse 24 hours+ before or after an appointment.

  • Do not sweep until I have completely finished.

  • Please do not smoke.

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